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Yoga for Kids

Our children live in a hurry up world of busy parents, peer pressure, incessant lessons, competitive sports, TV, video games and so on. The regular practice of yoga helps counter these stressors and teaches children personal power, self-health, relaxation and inner fulfilment. Children have a greater chance at becoming productive, creative, disciplined and kinder members of society.

The classes are creative and physical, fun and educational. Children are taken on adventures into mystical rainforests and scuba diving deep under the ocean.

They fly in rocket ships to space, ride magic carpets and cross volcanic mountains to find hidden treasure.

Yoga improves a child’s flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. It improves their concentration, self esteem and connection to self.

Classes include ecology, anatomy, nutrition and life lessons on the yogic philosophy of interdependence, oneness and respect.

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