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Tamar: Founder of beaming kids

JHB – Tamar, the founder of Beaming Kids School of Yoga, is a mother of three, devout yogi, trainer, healer and author, She has written, created and published 2 children’s books, Meditation CDs and Positive Thinking Cards for Kids. Her gift and purpose is to help children connect with their higher selves and adults connect with their inner child. Tamar’s travels, studies, experiences and insatiable passion for yoga have created the ideal platform for her to transform lives and inspire others to do the same. Tamar uses the natural elements and the senses together with song and movement to establish a deep connection to the Natural and Spiritual Worlds.

Contact Tamar on 083 307 7011 or tamar@beamingkids.co.za.



<Jani capetown teacher>

CPT – Jani is a vibrant and creative artist dedicated to sharing a space of support, love and intuitive development with children. Jani has been an active yogi since 16 and is passionate about Photography, Art, the outdoors and reading. Teaching Kids Yoga has helped Jani realize her dream; to facilitate creative growth in children and enrich their lives through their connectedness to all living things.

Contact Jani on 082 363 1733 or jani@beamingkids.co.za.



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